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Teeth Whitening
Draper Utah

Step into a world where years of stains fade away in just one brief session – welcome to the transformative realm of professional teeth whitening at The Spa Wellness Center.  Our advanced procedure boasts a comprehensive approach, incorporating a Safe and Effective LED light and a specially formulated plant-based gel. This dynamic combination has been a steadfast in the dental industry for numerous years, consistently delivering exceptional results. Join us in unveiling a brighter, whiter, and more confident version of your smile with a procedure that stands the test of time.

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Reclaim Your Radiant Smile: The Power of Professional Teeth Whitening

Many individuals opt for regular teeth whitening to enhance both their appearance and confidence. As we age, it's natural for teeth to lose their luster and adopt a yellowish hue. This can be attributed to the aging process and dietary habits, including the consumption of staining agents like coffee, tea, and wine. Habits such as smoking and indulging in foods with added coloring can further contribute to teeth stains. While brushing immediately after consuming stain-inducing substances can aid in stain prevention, it often falls short of eliminating the risk entirely. The good news is that stained and yellow teeth are not permanent; effective solutions exist to restore and brighten your smile.

teeth whitening in draper utah

Why Choose us for Teeth Whitening?

For residents of Draper, Utah, we suggest booking an appointment with The Spa Wellness Center for a superior teeth whitening experience. Our professional-grade tooth whitening solutions have the transformative power to enhance the appearance of your teeth significantly. The potency of the solution we use contributes to this remarkable effect. Unlike store-bought solutions that typically provide around two shades of whitening, our professional-grade whitening gel can brighten teeth by eight shades or more. If you desire immediate and dramatic results, in-office whitening stands out as the superior choice.

  • Dramatic + Immediate Results- In-office whitening provides rapid and noticeable results in a single session, offering a quicker and more dramatic transformation compared to the gradual effects of strips or toothpaste.

  • Potency Of Treatment- In-office treatments employ professional-grade whitening agents with higher concentrations of active ingredients, delivering more potent and effective results compared to over-the-counter products.

  • Reduced Sensitivity- Professional in-office treatments often include measures to minimize tooth sensitivity, providing a more comfortable experience compared to some over-the-counter products that may lead to increased sensitivity.

  • Longer Lasting Results- The longevity of in-office whitening results tends to be superior, offering a more prolonged period of brightened teeth compared to the temporary effects of strips or toothpaste.

Ready to elevate your smile to new levels of brightness and confidence? Choose the superiority of in-office teeth whitening with The Spa Wellness Center in Draper, Utah. Our personalized and potent whitening solutions, combined with the expertise of our dental professionals, guarantee immediate and remarkable results. Say goodbye to gradual changes and hello to a dazzling smile in a single session. Contact us today to schedule your in-office teeth whitening appointment and embark on a journey to a brighter, more radiant smile. Your vibrant smile awaits—reach out to us now!

F A Q's

  • How much does it cost?
    At The Spa Wellness Center, We charge $55 for a brow lamination or $70 for a lamination, shape and tint.
  • How long does brow lamination and tint last?
    The effects of lamination lasts up to eight weeks, while the tinting can maintain its color for approximately four weeks. On average, individuals often find that brow lamination lasts between six to eight weeks.
  • Will brow lamination damage my natural brows?
    Rest assured, brow lamination does not impact the growth of your hair in any way. However, it's important to note that we refrain from laminating brows that are extremely fine or have a very light color. This precaution is taken to avoid any potential harm to the hair during the process.
  • Can you laminate over microbladed brows?
    As long as you are fully healed, we can!
  • Will it hurt?
    There should be no pain during a lamination or a tint. If you feel any discomfort, please say something to your estie!
  • How often will I need to have it done?
    We suggest every 8-10 weeks.

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